I believe on a work made with love, listen, gratitude and congruence, because this can create independence, healing and make dreams come true. This is how my work is done. Each and every single appointment with me is unique and personalized according with the client's personal goals or needs.

Since I was young, always had a strong sensibility - used to read Tarot cards when was only 12 years old for friends and family. The search for more knowledge and tools for changing not only my life but also the life of people around me lead me to study and become Master on Reiki and Seichim (2005 and 2006).

Years later, I found Neuro-linguistic programming and Generative communication (Escola Livre,  affiliated and authorized by NLP University, USA, 2004), where I finally felt at home. NLP brought me tools to help others in areas and sectors that complemented perfectly Reiki and Seichim.

In 2018, did two more formations: Access Bars, technique that cleans limitant beliefs also ensuring a sense of relaxation and well-being, and Theta Healing, that heals in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Both where did in Paris and add even more possibilities to my work and also the healing sessions.

The constant search for my self-improvement and own evolution is a personal mark of my work.

"When I heal myself, everything around me transforms too"

-Natália Saavedra


It is a healing technique with energetic harmonization and aligning of chakras through the sacred symbols with specific purposes (cleaning energy, expanding love, etc). The healing may be sutil but has a very deep impact in physical, mental, emotional e spiritual levels. There are studies that show Reiki's efficacity and it is also used as a complementary therapy in Brazilians' hospitals and around the world.


NLP is basically a subconscious change. When you go through a session, it is possible to change limitant beliefs and behaviors. The client can overcome difficult situations, such as anxiety, addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, eating nails, etc), compulsions, learning blockages and/or speaking in public, learning new languages.


*only presencial sessions

It is a cleaning and relaxing technique which involves smooth touches in 72 points on the head, hands and feet. The work helps on the limitant beliefs' and behaviors liberation and also expands the perceived possibilities by the client.

Theta Healing is a energetic healing that goes deep on the origin of limitant beliefs and behaviors and helps on the change of them. It also allows the change of feelings, liberation of ancient blockages, patterns and diseases. On a session is possible to create a lighter, more positive and prosper reality. Since the first attendance the client can already perceive the results, because it is a very deep, intense and liberation work.



Natália Saavedra

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